MAI is an urban backpack. 100% handmade in Italy. MAI is designed with a functional approach and a contemporary linear design.

Descrizione http://www.maibsh.com http://www.mai-backpack.com

MAIBSH is born of two distinct projects: MAI an urban backpack and BSH (Big Sky Hunting) a photographic project. Both are joined by a common visual research and a shared interest in space, celestial bodies, astronomical observation and all that which does not belong to earth but to the sky.

BSH begins with an astronomical study which evolves to focus on observatories, structures which are not only accessible to us but also representative of a tangible point between earth and space.

MAI is inspired by the space suits of NASA and URSS: it is the backpack of the Big Sky Hunter, hunter of the skies who observes and travels, anchored to earth but with a his eyes cast towards infinity.

MAI has a linear design – the classic image of the backpack deconstructed into essential forms which make it conform to body lines like a piece of clothing.

The MAI design is inspired by the practicality and functionality of the astronaut’s backpack, known as the “Primary Life Support System”, which reproduces to scale the life support system of the space craft, protecting items, accessible only to the owner who can move comfortably and freely. The urban backpack, within the complexity of society, conforms to the body as it does to individuality, allowing the carrier to face city life as though an adventure in space.

MAI is presented in different forms and fabrics, creating eight specific solutions, not at random. In fact the graphic depiction of the number eight, when rotated, becomes the sign for infinity. It is 100% Italian, handcrafted with technical materials, water resistant and tear-proof. It is ergonomic and modelled on the body.

MAI and BSH come together in presenting this collection of backpacks at the location for the shoot on the Calern plateau in France, site of a complex of observatories from the 1970s.

The collection is named UP & DOWN to evoke the concepts of space and earth, concreteness and inconsistency, all and nothing, spiritual tension towards infinity, without forgetting reality.



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